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January - God's Country Cooperative Parish

God’s Country Cooperative Parish (GCCP) is comprised of seven churches spread over 2500 square miles in the eastern part of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The seven churches combine their resources, share their faith, and actively work to bring self-esteem, hope and the love of God to all throughout the Parish. GCCP hosts mission teams in the summer to do home repairs and improvements in its communities and coordinates food and clothing distribution. (

February - UMRC & Porter Hills Foundation

Brio Living Services (formerly UMRC & PH) has been a leader in innovative senior care in Michigan since 1906, offering the state's most diverse housing options and services to older adults of all income levels. The Foundation was created to help keep the faithful founders’ promise of Benevolent Care for qualified residents who outlive their resources. As the senior population continues to grow, your gifts to the Benevolent Care Fund help ensure that the residents always have a home where they are loved and treasured. (


March - UMCOR Sunday

Typically donations for UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) Sunday are collected on one Sunday each year, however we have opted to collect throughout the month of March. These donations go toward the administrative costs of UMCOR, the “cost of doing business.” This allows 100% of donations to UMCOR the remainder of the year to go directly to the specific project and not administrative costs. UMCOR responds to communities and individuals whose lives have been upset by disasters, such as storms, wars, fires, displacement, and climate change. (

April - Water for Life Liberia

Constructing wells to provide clean water and toilets to improve the living
standards in communities in Liberia.  Clean and safe drinking water and sanitation are human rights issues that need urgent attention in post-war Liberia.  Few wells still exist, but most are contaminated, broken, or overused.  As a result, water-borne diseases are common. Funding for this project provides for the construction of wells/hand pumps and toilet facilities within communities.  (

May - Helen Roberts-Evans, Liberia Missionary

Helen Roberts-Evans is a missionary of the General Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church, serving as director of the Department of General Education and Ministry of the United Methodist Church in Liberia. Helen’s work includes meeting needs in such areas as teacher training, scholarships, resources, new school construction, and school building renovation and repair. “I want to share the love of Christ with each child because I know that His love brings peace and gives strength to overcome life’s challenges.” (

June - Mobility Worldwide
Mobility Worldwide makes and provides mobility carts to people who are unable to walk.  These vehicles allow them to go in places where ordinary wheelchairs won't go.  There is no cost to the recipient.  Since 1994, Mobility Worldwide has built 100,000 carts and distributed them in 106 countries.  This organization reflects the love of God by giving individuals the gift of mobility.  (

July - Baldwin Center & Seat Covers
Baldwin Center's mission is to feed, clothe, educate, and empower the men, women, and children of the Pontiac community. They offer more than 25 programs that meet basic needs, give assistance in a crisis, provide education and enrichment opportunities, and serve as a safety net. Among these services are soup kitchen, clothes closet, holiday store & baskets, laundry, after school program, summer enrichment camp, hygiene items, etc. They are connecting and training partner agencies to increase client empowerment through ‘Innovative Frameworks’. (

For the Seat Cover Project, we lovingly cover bottoms with our donations!  During the month of July we collect packages of new underwear for all ages.  The packages get delivered to the Baldwin Center in Pontiac.

August - National Justice for Our Neighbors 

National Justice for Our Neighbors (NJFON) is a network of 19 immigration clinics across the country that provide free or low-cost, high-quality immigration legal services, education, and advocacy for justice. They help vulnerable and marginalized neighbors attain authorization to work and live with dignity. They reunite them with their families after years of separation. They enable men, women, and children to escape horrific violence and find safety and refuge here in the United States. Their clients represent different faiths, races, traditions, educational, and professional backgrounds—all of them reflecting the wonderful diversity of our nation. Since 2014, they have served nearly 20,000 clients from 148 different countries. (

September - Kingdom Home
Kingdom Home’s mission is to end child sex slavery through prevention. They do this by providing a safe place to live for children at risk of entering the sex trade in Uganda.  1 in 10 children in Uganda are orphans and in some areas, up to 10% of children in Uganda have been trafficked. Kingdom Home is a place of hope where all of the children's needs are met. Kingdom Home was founded by Detroit Tiger, Matthew Boyd and his wife, Ashley.  (

October - Cass Community Social Services
Cass Community Social Services offers programs to people living in areas of concentrated poverty in Detroit. The agency works across Detroit providing programs for food, health, housing, and jobs.  

        *CCSS prepares and serves 700,000 meals annually.
        *300 homeless men, women and children currently stay in one of CCSS’ shelters or permanent supportive housing programs.
        *CCSS operates two weekly free medical clinics and a day program for 125 adults with developmental disabilities.
        *80 adults are currently employed in the agency’s Green Industries which marry jobs with sustainability.


November - Heifer International (Fill the Ark)

Heifer International's mission is to end hunger and poverty in a sustainable way by supporting and investing alongside local farmers and their communities.  They work in 21 countries around the world to strengthen local economies and build secure livelihoods that guarantee a living income to local farmers. (

December - Grace Children's Hospital

Grace Children’s Hospital, founded in 1967, is recognized as Haiti’s leading medical facility dedicated to the treatment of children with tuberculosis (TB).  Each year, the hospital receives thousands of children who are suffering from TB, HIV, and other diseases.  They provide in-patient and out-patient care.  Contributions to this project will help expand patient education for community health and increase the number of patients the hospital is able to see. Grace Children's Hospital provides care for those who would not be able to afford it otherwise and gives hope for children to live beyond their low life-expectancy. (



Adopt-A-Road Cleanups

9:00 am Meet at Richardson Senior Center

1485 Oakley Park Rd, Commerce

April 22July 22, & September 23


The Church Has Left the Building

May 21, 2023

A day of mission projects

in lieu of worship










God's Country Adult Mission Trip

July 9-15

Week-long work projects in

Michigan's Upper Peninsula


Mobility Worldwide

Build and donate mobility carts

Date: October 7


Letters to Kingdom Home Children

Letter writing campaign to residents of  Kingdom Home.  (Children who are at-risk for sex trafficking in Uganda)





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